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Equine Therapy

Healing with Horses

If you are wanting to experience the therapeutic benefits, joys of spending time in the presence of a horse, and the love and comfort they give, then equine therapy is for you! Equine therapy is all on the ground with no riding, but each session will look different with how we integrate the horse of your choice into your counseling session and what your therapeutic needs are for that session.

This can look like problem-solving, observing horse behavior and reflecting on your own behavior, having less pressure of just “talking” but feeling freer to express your emotions with the horse as a source of support, building a relationship and trust with a horse, processing any emotions and thoughts that arise during the session, leading a horse around the farm while talking to the therapist, learning basic horsemanship skills, grooming, using props, and/or just spending time in the pasture with the horses and enjoying each other’s company.

Becky is undergoing Level 1 Training with Natural Lifemanship that stresses the relationship you build with the horse is an authentic and real one, not a forced, controlled, or mimicked relationship. This is the model of a healthy relationship: to feel understood, safe, trusting, stable, and to be able to meet each other’s needs in a healthy way.


The horses do not just teach you how to do things, but reveal things in yourself that arise during session, and the therapist is there to help process thoughts, emotions, insights, and reactions to what you are experiencing. Again, the focus is on the relationship you have with the horse, not the tasks or activities you do. The hope is that you will see a change for the better in your personal growth, how you interact with others in human relationships, a decrease in negative symptoms that brought you to counseling, an increase in confidence and assertiveness, a better understanding of how you communicate with your body to horses, an increased self-awareness to how you hold tension, anxiety, and stress in your body and how it translates to the horse, and learning various methods on how to relax your body and regulate your emotions.